The Art of The Build

Building a custom Defender means committing to a path less traveled. At the end of the build, you’ll be part of a rare and special community. Classic Overland starts where no one else does: Africa, where the finest Defender chassis and original parts are available.

Our build is top quality from start to finish. Our team ensures a smooth and exciting journey as we work together to bring your vision to life — the perfect Defender.


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Our Journey

Founded in 2015 by Stebin Horne, Classic Overland has long been considered one of the top Land Rover Defender restoration companies in the world. Over the years the marketplace for Original Land Rover Defenders has become saturated with hobbyist and non-specialty restoration shops, allowing the true workmanship and artistry of a Classic Overland Build to shine.

Enter Scissortail Ventures, which acquired Classic Overland with a goal to elevate the Classic Car ownership experience for the discerning Land Rover Defender client who only wants the very best.

With a commitment to excellent service before and after the sale, Classic Overland is uniquely positioned to protect your investment and allow years of ownership of the Best 4x4xFar.