Call it what you want. Bucking the system, taking the road less traveled, defying conventional wisdom.


Maybe you are standing at that crossroads where Stebin Horne found himself in 2011. Having followed his family’s footsteps into a law practice and politics, for over a decade he fit squarely in the same box most anyone could have predicted he’d be in. But he was beginning to feel worn thin. At 37 years old, he started to realize that the daily grind of corporate life that was great for so many, wasn’t for him. Determined to break out of the grind, Horne bought himself a BMW GS Adventure and headed out alone, across the country. It didn’t take long for him to decide to never look back. He met some incredible people throughout the US and Canada, most importantly his future wife, Roos. Roos would take Stebin to her home in South Africa, a magical place at the tip of the Great Continent where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans Collide. The two married in the wine lands of Roos’ family farm, and set out in their Land Rover Defender for their honeymoon. For weeks they traveled through Namibia, Botswana and into the famed Kruger Park of South Africa. There was no freedom he’d ever felt like camping among the lions on the roof of his Defender or driving it past a 1500 pound rhino. The African Overland Experience had moved his spirit and it was there under the Southern Cross that Stebin figured out what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He wanted to bring a sense of adventure and freedom into the lives of others.

Marrying into a South African Family connected him with his “Swarrie” (Afrikaans for Brother-In Law) Gerhard Du Toit. Stebin and Gerhard spent a considerable amount of time in Africa Locating Inventory and developing relationships in the Land Rover Marketplace.

Upon Stebin’s return to America, he approached his hometown friend and successful entrepreneur Stewart Vernon, and the three of them formed Classic Overland. Together they bring the perfect blend of experience and expertise to offer a superior overland product to discerning clients.

There is a reason you read this story to the end. You can relate to it. You know there is more to life than the daily grind. You know you aren’t like everyone else, and nothing says that like owning a classic Land Rover Defender. Stebin has spent the last year developing a business and a product that can bring these amazing vehicles and the overland experience to the U.S. for others to enjoy.